I have known Gabriele for 8 years. Gabriele is a calm, empathic, centered, grounded colleague, advisor, mentor, healer and friend. Gabriele is a unique creative expressionist with deep integrated wisdom.

Wrapped in an envelope of quantum science her sessions are unique as she integrates her wisdom drawing on Energy Medicine, Yoga and Meditation, Spiritual Direction, Sound Healing, Wellness Coaching, Body-Centered Therapy and so much more.
Gabriele’s presence is clear and focused, relaxed and centered, open and ready for whatever you bring into a session. She welcomes life with all of its intricacies in full regalia, supporting you with unending faith that all is well and perfect as it presents itself.

She supports you with gentle, sensitive guidance, grounded in a strong earth walk. She uses a no-nonsense approach with skills that see and sense your habitual difficulties that hold you back.
Her most profound and original work is called Dimensional Realignment® or DRA®.

DRA® is a system for you to understand your thought patterns so you can recognize quicker the cycles of behavior that you favor.

DRA® guides you to attain realignment when you need it. Dimensional Realignment® is about thought travel. It has to do with how you witness your thoughts as you travel through your imagination able to visualize the universe and its intricate nature from sub atomic particles to the Hubble Telescope photos of the “Way Out There”.

DRA® is based on the gravity of a thought form, or Thought Gravity, and awakens you to witness your thoughts and to know when you are out of alignment with the oneness with all that is that you seek.
If you have a chance to cross her path for a healing session, counseling advice, or Dimensional Realignment® session, you have been given a great gift and seeds of love that will expand within you for years to come.


Many blessings to you Gabriele and much gratitude for being in the matrix of my life.
Tsipora Claudia Berman M.Ed.,RYT, RSMET – Oregon


A Rare Commodity is, by virtue of its rarity, difficult to fit into simple or common descriptions.  Gabriele offers what so many of us hope to have in our lives but do not find in a thousand attempts.

To describe her begs for the invention of a new title, one that I think she aptly coined in “Intuitive Coach”.  She is by description, not a title, a combination of a life coach, a genuine Intuitive, a mystic, a friend, a peace-maker, a lover of humanity, and a comedian.

Her skills are both natural and trained.  She often works in ways that are new experiences for others, so employ her with an open mind and heart.

She offers you rich assistance and insight into yourself, your life, and love in a way that I have not witnessed in psychiatry, psychology, social work, spirituality, medicine, counseling, artistry, or the generality of humanity.

If you want to grow, get through difficult passages, see your life anew, learn new tools, or just make a tough decision, my experience and observation is that you will get excellent help from her.

Not one of the other highly-degreed professionals that I have seen for my own life challenges were able to assist me at the deep level I needed.  Gabriele was an incredible, sometimes astonishing, and effective assistance to my extreme challenges.  In fact, I have used her unique skills in business as well, with amazing results, even with monetary matters.

I found Gabriele to have integrity, wisdom, refinement, grit, and compassion.  She was faultlessly trustworthy.  Somehow I laughed and cried my way to transformation out of set conditions that were rare and difficult.  My circumstances were legend in schools, but professionals, nonetheless, grew ashen and agape in horror.  Gabriele seemed to know some of my reality before I told her, and understood so effectively that she was able to actually help.  My forever-gratitude stands in witness.


SB – Registered Nurse – OR


My husband, Guenther Decker, was very concerned and worried about his illness when he began work with Gabriele.  He had regular phone sessions with Gabriele, and some personal visits when she came to Orange County, California.

Gabriele made a personal tape recording of the DRA Peace Creed for him while he was in the hospital, fighting for his life.  The tape recording was calming and left a peaceful aura in the room.

Working with Gabriele had a great impact on Guenther’s mindset throughout his illness.  It gave him more hope, and kept him in a positive frame of mind.


Elke Decker – California



Gabriele, your heart is as big as the Grand Canyon and allows people to expand their awareness, intuition, and love to become present with their everyday experiences.  Sacred information then becomes available to all who experience your work.  No words describe what you do, it is experiential.


Bryan L. McClellan – Quantum Paradigm Shifts – OK



I came to Gabriele feeling like my life, my pain, my illness were all out-of-control.  I had experienced extreme pain.  I felt like I had no control of the pain nor my emotions.  I felt hopeless in looking at my future as the testing the doctors had done didn’t really indicate what was actually wrong with me or how to treat me.  It was such a weak, helpless, hopeless feeling.

Gabriele gave me hope that I could be well again.  She helped me release emotions I didn’t realize were hidden deep inside and she showed me tools to use so I wouldn’t let people-stress, life-stress, and pain control me any longer.

What I liked best about the quality of service I received was the personal care: sessions, emails, phone calls.  This is not a job for Gabriele, it’s a calling.


JW – Oregon



Thank you Gabriele for being you.  For your sharing, your honesty and loving kindness.  You are such a free spirit and you make me WANT to keep going.  God bless you.


Di – Oregon



Wow, what a session today!  I feel empowered and energized; especially now that I know about my dimensional thought states.  It explains why I am always bumping into things and knocking things over.  I’m always about 20 feet ahead of where I really am.


MF – Oregon



I have a new found respect for what you do and never imagined that I would feel this genuinely still, calm and relaxed.


Brett Chytraus – Attorney – Oregon



Im Urlaub in Oregon hatte ich einen zweistundigen Termin mit Gabriele.  Ich leide an einer chronichen Entzuendung im Körper  Ich versuche nun täglich diese Heilende Kraft in mir hervorzurufen.

Ich kann Gabriele mit ihrer Dimensonalen Heilung sehr empfehlen.  In Dankbarkeit,


Ursula Melcher – Hair Designer – Germany



I started making clear decisions after going to your Dimensional Realignment® Mandala Gazing Circle the first time.  And since then I have been really practicing what I learned and using the DRA Essential Oils.  Now I am getting healthier.  The DRA Essential Oil, Freedom Tunnel® , gave me courage to stand up for myself.


LO – College Student – Oregon



The quality of service I received from Gabriele was The Best.  I felt like I mattered, like she was interested in me.  I say the DRA Peace Creed once a day.  I feel peaceful now and it opens my mind for when I pray.  When I’m stressed I smell the oils on my wrists and it calms me.  I have the DRA Mandala, Reunion, on my altar on my dresser.  It is fascinating and calming to look at.


CC – High School Student – Oregon



Wow, I am continuously in awe of the wonder, depth and power of this work!


S – Oregon



Good experiences from our recent meeting and the results of Dimensional Realignment®.


PO – Energy Healer – Oregon



Thank you once again for the DRA Peace Creed.  Nora and I have read it daily for several months and find it a lovely anchor in the storm.  It is short and sweet and brought me into Right Perspective and Relationship.  The few minutes of respite raised my energy level while grounding and centering me.

During these times of such chaotic energy, the  DRA Peace Creed is a gentle tool.  Your work has so much harmony in it.  I both see it and feel it.  I have the Dimensional Realignment® Mobile hanging in my office.   I appreciate the balance and joy in it.


Jeanne Olsen – Feng Shui Practitioner – Golden-Eyed Phoenix – AR



Thanks so much for the spontaneous conversation yesterday and being so present for me.  You seem very knowledgeable about healing from the inside out.  I felt you understood my need to heal my body.

So many ‘healers’ do the whole ‘fix your emotions and your cancer will disappear’ rap.  While I do think there is a lot of validity to this, after extensive work in that area I think that being extremely pro-active in my own physical healing is a must.  Thank you again.”


MB – Entertainer – California



“Your Peace Creed and Dimensional Realignment® Mandalas are working.  Amazing stuff.


M – Sales – California



I love my Dimensional Realignment® Mobile!  It’s hanging in the window of my office.


JK – Floral Designer- New York



The DRA Peace Creed is beautiful.  It flows, and to me it feels like there is rhythm.


Gisela Ohmann – California



Abundance is waiting for us around the corner, if we only knew which corner to turn.  Looks like you found your corner to a whole new world.  Thank you, in turn, for what you do and what you bring to the world.  You are a gift.


Wendy – Artist – Oregon



What I like best about the quality and service I received from Gabriele was Gabriele’s honest sweetness while guiding.  The work was scary, weird and fun.


CC – Health Care Worker – Oregon



Gabriele, what a glorious spirit and testimony you are!.


Donna Eden – Eden’s Energy Medicine



“Thank you so much for your beautiful Dimensional Realignment® Mandala artwork, but also for your dedication and commitment to helping others.  I am so impressed!  Keep up the good works.  I wish you success and much love.”


VK – Artist – California



“Gabriele has a bright and joyful energy as well as depth.  She leaps effortlessly into the realms of mystery, magic and deep healing.  The words she has composed in the DRA Peace Creed Song are beautifully uplifting and speak to the body of aligment with wholeness at all layers and levels.”


Kathy Chambers – RN – Professional Practitioner, Instructor Eden’s Energy Medicine – OR



“The Dimensional Realignment® Mandala is beautiful.  I’m thinking of where to hang it.  The DRA Mobile is flying over my head in my bedroom.  What an inspiration!!  So now there is peace everywhere needed.  In my thoughts I am with you watching the DRA Mandalas playing in the wind, joyful, all there and fully present.  Thank you!!!”


Camilla – Austria