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“You are the currency for acquiring healthy abundance, prosperity and wealth in your life.

The Money Oil supports your money currency intentions by embodying healthy money currency thought vibrations via the sense of smell.”

  Money Oil

“You are the alchemist of your own life!”

This DRA® Specialty Synergy Oil supports an evolving conscientious living.

The Money Oil is a powerful manifestation tool to amplify the integrity and virtuous interaction involved in any healthy exchange of any form of energy, i.e. currency.  Examples include monetary, interpersonal, and international income and outflow of services.

Realignment Affirmation: “Currencies of exchange evolve healthfully with me now.”


A proprietary blend of 13 organic and/or pesticide free essential oils and carrier oil from reputable distributors around the world.

It’s synergistic blend of essential oils may enhance the immune, respiratory and nervous system.

An empowering fragrance that taps into a specific Thoughtisphere recipe of money income, action and transaction and currency.

♥   Earthy, spicy, fresh, herbaceous, depth, dimension, yummy

♥   A beautiful unisex synergy blend


♥  Use as a topical and/or aromatic.  5ml

How to use it

  Commit to use for 30 days

  Actively use it, carry it with you, smell at least once a day or as needed

  Use it with other programs, tools, support or intentions that focus on wishes fulfilled

  After 30 days use it occasionally. Particularly during moments of anxiety or inflow of money

Caution: Possible sun or skin sensitivity. If pregnant, nursing or under physicians care consult before using. Keep out of the reach of children

Manifesting with the Money Oil

Instructions and a list of suggestions are included with your purchase of the Money Oil.

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