It’s on my ovaries, neck, left ear and hair. Wow. I’m dancing with it. It feels like magic. We are coming into our own magical self and the magical world. I’m so excited to take a bath with the Money Oil.”

I can’t quite put into words what the money oil is doing but it’s definitely already working. I feel like I’m receiving a whole new mind. I just got the impulse to do an energy alignment to tune me to my deepest wisdom and knowing and for the light of that knowing to be revealed in the most visible way within and without.

So, I’m taking our dog for his first walk around our new neighborhood. I’m walking among these big houses, beautiful lawns, drooping trees and gorgeous flowers. I think to myself that I should be smelling the Money Oil as I’m surrounded by all this wealth.

Fortunately, I have it on! So I smell it on my wrist (new location where the pulse is) and boom a new understanding comes in about the difference between ABUNDANCE and RICHNESS.

Abundance is like the whole sea of potential and possibilities – the sea that we are swimming in and the Money Oil seems to help us to see it, taste it, know it, feel it, like the surroundings I was just in. Richness is more individual – like the homes and each flower I saw – I can even see how these vibrations are geometrically different but work together. Abundance feels rounded and bubbly like, soft and light, and infinite. Richness is more vertical and narrow (though not constricting, more like a skyscraper feel with edges and clear definition, yet, with an ability to be molded and shaped).”

C – Educator, Energy Healer – MA

The Money Oil is beautifully complex-earthy yet crisp. Beautiful oil.”

T – Office Worker – Oregon

I started making clear decisions after going to your mandala gazing circle the first time. And since then I have been really practicing what I learned and using the oils. I love these oils. I smell at least one a day. Now I am getting healthier; told a guy to leave me; have a great guy with me now; a new phone; a new bed, and checks coming in the mail! I have noticed so much more abundance it is amazing. I think this oil helps me stay with joy.”

Liz – College Student – Oregon

The facts are that I have been smelling the Money Oil for one year, while in that same time, there has occurred a nonstop series of major coincidental helpful people and phenomena, toward the goal of manifesting income and the dream of service, that if converted into odds, I believe would be lower than what Las Vegas offers.  I have also availed myself of Gabriele’s unique style of coaching.  The combination has been dynamite.  I can’t say enough.”

S – Natural Perfumer – Oregon

I’ve tried different essential oils over time and I must honestly say I was amazed at the magical outcome when including the Money Oil.  My business has grown.  This is especially noticeable on the days I wear my ‘Money Oil’.  I truly have seen a difference.  Not only does it help produce a positive outcome, it smells heavenly.

L.N. – Hairstylist – Oregon

“The Money Oil smells yummy!

CW – Counselor – Oregon