Gabriele Now:

Gabriele Leidecker is a passionate Intuitive Coach and Quantum Energy Healer.  She has natural healing abilities and is a natural intuitive that provides the kind of awareness, insight, and experience which leads to your self-empowerment and self-healing.  She provides encouragement and support that is highly tuned to you.gabriele-arms-open

Gabriele is a translator of information.  She works with everyone differently.

It is completely about your journey, your challenges, who you truly are and what you are meant to be doing.  She is flexible and customizes everything around you.

It is a beautiful process.  It is joy work, and the rewards are a happier and more peaceful “You”.

Gabriele conducts private sessions with a funny, happy, lively edge.

She uses her “unique” guidance to inspire, motivate, and facilitate you in your evolutionary process.  In working with you, she uses tools and techniques which helped her in her own healing.

Gabriele’s Specialty:

Gabriele is the creator of Dimensional Realignment®, a completely new approach to be present, manage your thoughts and understand others.  In your Dimensional Realignment® session with Gabriele, she will support you using this remarkable new approach of self-healing and thought management.

Gabriele’s Journey:

In 1998 Gabriele began a journey of discovery in the most unexpected ways, through recovery of extensive health challenges and her work in the weight-loss industry.

Gabriele’s sensitivities were evident as a child.  Like many, she suffered health issues into adulthood, eventually being diagnosed with chemical toxicity which led to seizures and complicated autoimmune disorders.  It reached a point where Western medicine could no longer help her.

Filled with hope and a desire to live healthfully, Gabriele took her health into her own hands.  She studied and applied several alternative healing modalities to support her wellness; including, certification in Sat Nam Rasayan® (a healing technique of Kundalini Yoga®) and many years of courses and experience in Eden’s Energy Medicine®.

While recovering from these health related issues, Gabriele lost a remarkable amount of weight.  Her weightloss of more than 80 pounds, gave her the opportunity and inspiration to work in the weightloss industry to help keep her own weight off and be able to support others in their weightloss journey.

For over 8 years Gabriele facilitated and coached thousands of people to healthfully renourish their bodies for weightloss.  With much success, she inspired many to successfully losing weight and re-igniting their passion for living new dreams with greater confidence and self-esteem.

Gabriele really cares about individuals and she cares about humanity.  So anything you get from her is sincerely and authentically charged with that energy.  This energy compelled her to explore more deeply what was causing some of the frustrations amongst the many people she routinely came across in the wellness and weightloss industry.

From her own experience with health and weight related issues, alongside many others, Gabriele became more and more distraught at the issues people faced while working on their weightloss process.  She knew that there had to be a faster, better, quicker way to help people on the road to wellness.  It was during this time, Gabriele had an awakening and was inspired to develop Dimensional Realignment®

Gabriele invites you to have an enriching and wholesome experience.  Her compassion and understanding will bring you comfort and hope.  Gabriele focuses on you.  Her motivation is to focus on you to help you regain your self-confidence and re-ignite your life’s calling and sense of purpose.

“You are the alchemist of your life.  I am a catalyst in the next step of your vision.”