What is the purpose of a Dimensional Realignment® session?

to learn how to actively experience a Dimensional Realignment® , learn how to use DRA tools and techniques;
to facilitate self healing;
to learn different types of tools and modalities that will improve your health and well being;
behavior modification
become more consciously aware of time, different dimensions and realities that impact daily life
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How many sessions will I need?
How many sessions you have will depend on your goals. Even one session can have an impact on the path to your healing and understanding Dimensional Realignment®. In 6-8 coaching sessions you will learn how to use all 22 Planes of Thought®. For specific healing, the number of sessions that you find helpful will vary.
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What can I expect in a session?
Dimensional Realignment® sessions are very subtle, yet powerful.
The sessions may be in silence or lively and full of energy depending on your needs. They may include a variety of energetic, vibrational, meditative tools: Dimensional Realignment® Companion Tools, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, Sat Nam Rasayan®, crystal singing bowls, aromatherapy, and other universal elements of body, mind, and spirit.
I answer any questions you might have and share other tools and/or exercises that will support your Dimensional Realignment™.
Dimensional Realignment®, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and Sat Nam Rasayan®[link to Sat Nam Rasayan® section below and Energy Medicine section] are complimentary to all forms of medical treatment.
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What can I gain from learning Dimensional Realignment®
Recognize when you are slipping into a Plane of Thought® or dimensional state that prevents you from living in the present;
To help you understand new concepts or theories;
Expand sensory perception and prosperity, wealth and health;
Enhance relationships or gain greater understanding in relationships with others;
Expand tolerance and patience for others.
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Who can benefit from learning Dimensional Realignment®?
Understanding the weight and location of your thoughts and experiencing the positive effects of living in the present moment can improve your life in many ways. For some, the benefits of learning Dimensional Realignment® can be particularly profound. For example:
political, religious, corporate leaders who want to expand their sphere of influence;
musicians or artists hoping to elicit greater response from their audience;
medical and healing professionals who wish to enhance methods and health technology;
those with issues of ‘time’; those having unique “dimensional” experiences
members of the military who need help coping with stressful situations;
prisoners or those feeling imprisoned,
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What is the HeartBreath
One way Dimensional Realignment® helps you focus, take control of time and experience the 22 different Planes of Thought® is by introducing the HeartBreath, a technique of bringing the heart and the breath into sync. Harnessing this energy through the beat of the heart allows you to experience the healthful benefits of deep breathing. It can also help you quickly identify situations or things that affect you emotionally, spiritually or physically.
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How do I know I’m in Dimensional Realignment®?
When we are in Dimensional Realignment® we consciously recognize our Plane of Thought®; we experience an ‘aha’ moment of confirmation, and our behavior is impacted which allows us to break free of repeated and negative thought patterns and experience the peace and joy that comes through living in the present moment. Over time and with practice these repeated awareness’s can improve your relationships with others, your work, your creativity and your health.
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How do I Schedule an Appointment with Gabriele?

  1. Email me and I will contact you to schedule a time.
  2. I request a prepayment before your session.
  3. Your session is confirmed with a prepayment receipt.
  4. Sessions cancelled within 24hrs are non-refundable, so please plan carefully. Thank you ♥ 

A Note about Translation of Information

Gabriele Leidecker is a translator of information.  We know that information surrounds us in the physical world of the senses, and even more information surrounds us that is unseen.  Healing is a translation of information for creating a new environment-body-mind-spirit system to support another way of flowing (i.e. renourishing-reflourishing-renewing).

Gabriele translates the environment for accessing new information for whatever system you are exploring: environment-body-mind-spirit.

We all resonate in one way or another with each other, through universal energies such as electromagnetics, Thought Energy, subtle energy, and many more energies which science is more and more tapping into.

The energetic flow in our lives, by what and who is around us in our homes; and who or what is around us in our environment affects us all, together.  However, our own experience within ourselves is very personal.  Only the individual has the full access to their private inner-self.  It might not feel this way all the time, but it is so.  That is a universal truth.

Sometimes in our living ‘the daily-grind’ we forget our selves.  Sometimes we get lost in life-realities and forget about living healthfully with creative self-expression, making healthy food choices, having some fun or just ‘hanging-out’.  This is when gaining access to new information can help re-inspire us to enhance and redirect our routines toward healthier choices and a more joyful way of living.

What is Thought Alchemy?

Thought Alchemy is an action process of realigning one or more thoughts in your personal Thought Anatomy® which provides fresh perspective and understanding.  Thought Alchemy is the process of your thought-energy-actions combining with various amounts of other energies such as gravity, weight, density, intensity etc. and other subtle energies.  This process intermixes with the environment, each other and everything we do.

What is Thought Anatomy®?

The term Thought Anatomy® is really a way to talk about your mind and its components and connections in the Thoughtisphere.    Learning about Thought Anatomy® is much like how a surgeon learns the anatomy of the body.  It is like a universe of Thought Energy.  It is this energy that can be physically monitored and mapped in many ways such as with an EEG and MRI.

Do your thoughts ever feel like your mind is bouncing all over the place?

Do they make you feel disconnected, out-of-sync, foggy minded, panicked, frazzled or confused?

When this happens your Thought Anatomy® feels unbalanced.  This prevents you from experiencing you feeling calming-joy, clarity, and focus and ease.  What you experience in your mind is what determines your experience with life.

Gabriele created DRA® Interactive Tools to teach you how to monitor, map, and more importantly how to realign your Thought Anatomy®.

By the process of Thought Alchemy® and your Thought Anatomy®, DRA® Coaching and Interactive Tools facilitate you toward positive thought-health and overall well-being.  They give you a way to expand your mastery over your own thoughts.  They help you feel better, faster.  They help you get to the ‘actual stuff’ that makes you feel ‘funky’, so you can feel better about you.

What is the Thoughtisphere?

The Thoughtisphere is dynamic.  It is like an atmosphere or environment of thoughts and their components and connections.  It is a living thought field.  This living thought field is all around us.  In the Thoughtisphere your thoughts are alive and travel around the cosmos connecting and creating a living thought field.  Your thoughts show up in your relationships and as your life in action.

It is often said that “You are what you think”.  In the case of Dimensional Realignment®, “You are where you think”.

Dimensional Realignment® is a fun, new approach that very simply teaches you about your Thought Anatomy® and how to locate your thoughts in the Thoughtisphere so you can realign with them to experience new thoughts.

Where are your thoughts now? Where would you like your thoughts to be?

DRA® expands your current field of thinking, feeling and experiencing your personal life, career and interactions with others, so when you Thought Travel to new thoughts in the Thoughtisphere you regain new focus with clarity, ease and grace.

DRA® is a very basic thought exploration system which helps you to identify and relocate your thoughts to a new inner freedom within the Thoughtisphere.

What is Thought Energy?

DRA® works on the energetic field because like everything in the universe, thoughts are energy.

What is Thought Traveling?

DRA® describes Thought Traveling as consciously bringing your thoughts or thinking to new places, destinations or locations within the Thoughtisphere.  You can Thought Travel in your imagination to the past, and future or enjoy the present moment.

How many sessions will I need?

How many sessions will depend on your purpose and need.  Even one session can have an impact on the path to your healing and understanding how your thoughts and thinking shape your life.  For specific healing, the number of sessions that you find helpful will vary.

What can I expect in a session?

Sessions via phone/Skype/Oovo and office sessions are available depending on your needs and where you live.  Either way Dimensional Realignment® sessions are insightful, powerful, transformative and healing.

The sessions may be lively and full of energy or calm, silent and subtle.  They may include a variety of energetic, vibrational, meditative tools.

I answer any questions you might have and share other tools and/or exercises that will support your realignment including: Dimensional Realignment® Tools, Eden’s Energy Medicine®, aromatherapy, and other universal elements of body, mind, and spirit.

Dimensional Realignment® and Eden’s Energy Medicine® are complimentary to all forms of medical treatment.

What is a Dimensional Realignment® Intuitive Coach?

As an intuitive coach, I support you to prosper with integrity and help you reach the next step of your vision.  You will develop greater insight and wisdom about your own thoughts.  My purpose is to coach you to have fun with your thoughts and thinking to make your thought process conscientious, aware and guided, so you can achieve what it is you want to enhance in your well-being.

Together we clean up the nooks n’ crannies of your thinking.  The more uncluttered your thoughts, the greater your creative impulse will be to do the things you love.  The more space you feel in your mind, the faster, better, quicker results you will get achieving your dreams.

What is as a Dimensional Realignment® Consultant?

As a consultant, I offer my perspective and inspirational teaching, guidance and advice in the field of Thought Anatomy based on the many years I have been studying, observing and learning about how our thoughts work, connect and interact in the general population, and how our interactions with our own thoughts and the thoughts of others affect our own behavior and actions with all of life.

Thoughts are processed by what I call thought alchemy.  Based on my observation and experience I help you:

  • Learn to cooperate with others with integrity.
  • Live and work better in your environment.
  • Learn how to experience inner peace in times of chaos.
  • Feel a greater sense of connection with the world around you.
  • Feel a greater sense of inner peace.

Who do you work with?

  • Practitioners
  • Evolutionary Conscious Individuals and Groups
  • Animals
  • The Environment

What Approach do you use?

I use a heart minded, positive thought-health approach.

What is the purpose of what you do?

Giving people the mastery over their own bodies and beingness is just as important as good thought-health.  Thoughts are every bit a part of you as the rest of your body.  For your body you might eat well to make your skin look more beautiful. For this  alchemical change you must modify certain elements in your diet. You might choose supplements or specific foods to catalyze things to make that happen.

We have really neglected the area of alchemy in terms of the nutrients that feed or nurture our ‘thinking’ or ‘thoughts’.  So, my purpose is pure and simply for living more heart-minded while improving our own thought-health.

Who can benefit from learning Dimensional Realignment®?

Understanding how your own Thought Anatomy® works allows you to experience the positive effects of how bringing your thoughts to different locations (Thought Traveling), levels or planes of thought can help you accept and live in the present moment more joyfully and how that can improve your life in many ways.  For some, the benefits of learning Dimensional Realignment® can be particularly profound. For example:

  • Those who are ready to allow positive experiences into their life
  • Those who want to better understand their intuitive selves
  • Those wanting guidance and a new perspective during times of discomfort
  • Those who want a new way to communicate or experience others
  • Those wanting to healthfully strengthen their relationship between their own body-mind collaboration while living in naturally designed and financially created environment
  • Those seeking to enhance their body-mind-spirit tools kits
  • Those who feel ‘enuf is enuf’ and just want to feel joy and live better
  • Those seeking consultation when experiencing new or uncomfortable body-mind, environmental or cosmic energies
  • Musicians or artists hoping to elicit a greater connection and response from their audience
  • Athletes who want to improve their sport

What can I gain from learning Dimensional Realignment®

  • Practical thinking for when you are ‘lost in the details’
  • Understanding the details for when you are lost in the ‘grand scheme’ of things
  • New focus and clarity so you use more of your mind by taking the emotion out of experiences that cause discomfort
  • To help you understand new concepts or theories by exploring your thought anatomy
  • Increase sensory perception and realignment for greater abundance, wealth and improved health
  • Enhance relationships and understanding for others;
  • Expand your tolerance and patience for others

What kind of relief might I experience from the sessions or the tools?

Soothing relief for the following:

  • Feeling disconnected, foggy minded, and unclear
  • Out-of-sync…nothing seems to work
  • Feeling frazzled, dazed and confused
  • Feeling stuck, sticky or clingy thoughts, attached or bound feelings
  • Feeling like something just ‘ain’t right’ and ‘you can’t put your finger on it’
  • Unexplainable feelings and experiences including the paranormal

What kind of results can I expect?

  • Feeling a ‘sense of arrival’
  • Feeling successful and progressing onward healthfully
  • Feeling relaxation, calm and inner peace
  • Feeling a state of equilibrium, neutrality or a sense of balance
  • Feeling more creative, clear and aware.  Moments of ‘it’s finally working’ or ‘aha moments’
  • Heightened knowingness or intuition
  • Something finally makes sense or the ‘I get it’ sensation
  • Moving forward effeciently and feeling ‘in-pace with time’
  • Clarity on a health situation
  • Feeling more connected, confident and self-assured

What is the HeartBreath?

One way Dimensional Realignment® helps you focus, with clarity, ease and grace, while experiencing a healthy Thought Anatomy® is by introducing the Heartbreath, a technique of bringing the heart and the breath into sync.  Harnessing this energy through the beat of the heart allows you to experience the healthful benefits of deep breathing, and make healthier, more mindful choices.  It can also help you quickly identify situations or things that affect you emotionally, spiritually or physically.

How do I know I’m in realignment?

When we are in realignment when:

  • We are consciously aware of aspects of our Thought Anatomy®
  • Knowing what we know or feel, no matter what the outcome, we now have a greater foundation and better clarity of where or which way to navigate
  • We experience an ‘aha’ moment of confirmation
  • Our behavior is impacted positively which allows us to break free of repeated and negative thought patterns and experience the peace and joy that comes through living in the present moment.
  • Over time and with practice these new and repeated awareness’s can improve your relationships with yourself, others, your work, your creativity and your health.

What’s in it for me?

We are always thinking.  Our thoughts are constantly on the move.  We can’t always sit in meditation to clear our thoughts.  So how can we enhance our thought process while we are active and engaged.  Where are our thoughts? Why should we care? Why does it matter? What’s in it for me?

We have thousands of thoughts a day.  What I recognize from years of study and observation is that many of the thoughts that impact our behavior tend to thought realign in the same locations especially when we are stressed and experiencing repetitive thoughts.  Thoughts are like little airplanes.  Thoughts travel with energy called thought energy.  After traveling the same routes each day eventually they leave an energetic imprint.  This imprint becomes a thought habit.  Once the thought habit is in place it is a challenge to free from it.  DRA® will teach you to use a new launch pad and route so your thoughts can travel to a new location and help your thought experience feel different.

DRA® teaches you that you can make your thoughts and thinking better work for you.  That your thoughts actively and physically effect you and others depending on their location and this creates an experience.  DRA® thought realigning to new ways of thinking will enhance your daily life.

What is a Peace Alchemy Circle?

A twice a month group circle to experience Dimensional Realignment® Mandala Peace Meditation.  A friendly and fun gathering of like minded evolutionary conscious individuals where we use Peace Mandalas, DRA® Synergy Blends, and other tools including DRA® Interactive Tools.

  •  Designed to experience clarity, focus and a greater sense of inner peace.
  •  Gain insight to your inner wisdom and new steps to reach your vision.
  •  Learn new tools to help you realign peacefully with the world around you.
  •  Experience joy.

What is a Realignment Workshop?

As the alchemist of your own life, you will learn more about your own Thought Anatomy and use DRA® Interactive Tools to develop greater skills for getting faster, better, quicker results from where you are, to where you want to be in life; while going slower and slower to your inner center.

  • Learn about Thought Anatomy and experience DRA® Interactive Tools to facilitate positive thought-health and overall well-being in everyday living.
  • Learn to spot how your thoughts behave, and how it will help you master your own thought anatomy.
  • Experience effortless inner shift; realign and thrive.

DRA® and In Focus Wellness, Inc. Health Care Disclaimer and Polices

DRA® Health Care Disclaimer

An important note:  Dimensional Realignment® Coaching/Consulting/Interactive Tools and Techniques including any DRA® Essential Oil Synergies are not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians or other health care providers.

The Tools and Techniques are intended to offer information, and encouragement that will support an individual to actively participate in their own health care in mutual cooperation with physicians and health care providers.

DRA® Essential Oil Synergies

Caution:  Possible sun or skin sensitivity.  If pregnant, nursing or under physicians care consult before using.  Keep out of the reach of children.

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