What is Dimensional ReAlignment? (also known as DRA) Being balanced in body, mind, spirit, and conscious with all that is here on earth in connection to all beyond (i.e. including space, time, etc).
Equalized, balanced, and synchronized in the conscious state of the self at this moment here on earth with all beyond (i.e. including space, time, etc.).
Recognizing, conscious and aware that we are responsible for our actions and choices on a multi-dimensional level with all that is (i.e. including space, time, etc.).
Recognizing, conscious and aware that those we interact with are multi dimensional beings responsible for their own actions and choices.
A state of consciousness that can re-align our energies in multi- dimensional synchronization with it all (i.e. including space, time, etc.).
It is a conscious understanding that becomes body, mind, spirit recognition that we are multi dimensional beings energetically connected to all including earth, space, time.
It is a conscious understanding that if we are not in a balanced energetic state with it all that we can describe discomforts such as:
feeling disconnected
unexplainable feeling like just being ‘out of sync’
a feeling of ’something is just not right, & I can’t put my finger on it’
a feeling of ‘I just can’t seem to get better no matter what type of wellness approach I take. Nothing seems to work.’
a questioning of ‘why am I attracting certain kinds of people, energies or circumstances in my life?’
a feeling of ‘my mind is foggy and I can’t think clearly.’
a feeling of ‘time is moving faster then I can keep up with.’
a constant range of feelings without explanation such as ‘I know I am mentally stable, so why do I have all of these unexplainable emotions and feelings?’
a feeling of ‘I have bizarre health challenges and no one knows what it is. I know it’s not in my head.’
a feeling of ‘I have a diagnosed condition and yet the treatment is not sticking or working at a pace that is acceptable to me or it’s making me feel disconnected.’
I feel panicked, frazzled and confused much of the time and don’t know why.
Through DRA we can feel more connected to it all. We can feel clear, equalized, conscious and aware to our state of being. We can feel in alignment with our sense of time.
Through DRA there can be a sense of:
feeling settled or a feeling of ‘arrival’
a feeling of relaxation and a state of balance
understanding to our wellness situation
calmness, reasoning, patience
‘it’s finally working’
‘this is finally making sense’, ‘I get it!’
‘I like the forward movement. I feel like I’m in pace with time.’
‘I feel successful or progressing forward.’
‘I feel like things make sense or somehow things are clearer.’
‘I have a heightened sense of knowing or intuition.’
‘I feel more creative, alert and aware’
a generalized feeling of understanding, confidence and self assuredness


Dimensional Realignment®  (DRA®)

“You are the alchemist of your own life!”

Dimensional Realignment® is a fun, completely new approach to be present, manage your thoughts and understand others.  Dimensional Realignment® is a multi-sensory thought exploration system that explores your Thought Anatomy® in the universal Thoughtisphere.  Through the process of Thought Alchemy and your Thought Anatomy® you have the ability to shift your thinking toward positive thought-health and overall well-being.

Gabriele Leidecker has studied, observed and experienced thousands of people since 1998 and how their Thought Anatomy® affects their health, living and community.

Gabriele Leidecker describes how she sees and experiences thoughts:

“Thoughts are like little airplanes. They have structure and come in different shapes and sizes.  Thoughts travel (Thought Traveling) to many locations and experience different types of terrain in all kinds of weather.  Like airplanes thoughts are affected by the different elements of nature on earth and in outer space.”
“Thought experiences affect us in a very physical and multidimensional way.  These experiences shape how we view ourselves, how we behave, how we interact with others and every facet of our life.  What we experience in our thoughts affects how we conduct our business to how we heal.”
“When we thought realign it is a physical experience.  Realigning is an action term I use that describes a new way or new order of things in a system such as the environment-body-mind-spirit system.”

In your Dimensional Realignment® coaching sessions with Gabriele, she will support you using this remarkable new approach of self-healing and thought management.

Results you might expect in your realignment experience:

  • Feeling a ‘sense of arrival’, and a place to begin
  • Feeling successful and progressing onward
  • Feeling relaxation, calm, and inner peace
  • Reaching a feeling of neutrality, a state of equilibrium, or a sense of balance
  • Feeling more creative, clear, and aware
  • Moments of ‘it’s finally working’ or ‘aha moments’
  • Heightened knowingness or intuition
  • Focus better, quicker and easier through tough situations
  • Renew hope
  • Have fun…laugh…
  • Reengage with life easier
  • Live better
  • Recognize sabotaging behaviors faster
  • Have a better sense of humor about yourself and life
  • Get on the same wavelength with individuals, groups and audiences
  • Empathize more genuinely and compassionately
  • Experience how diversity supports community

Your understanding and use of Dimensional Realignment® will be enriched by the cast of DRA® Interactive Tools that Gabriele has created for you.

They include:

  • Fine Art Mandala Water Colors and Giclee Prints
  • DRA® Essential Oil Synergies


Heart Intelligence and DRA®

Scientists have described the heart as another brain.

Using the intelligence of the heart to view your thoughts and thinking gives you a more compassionate and loving way of expressing and viewing your Thoughtisphere than viewing your thoughts through your head.  Coming from the place of using your heart vs. your head will help you gain a more compassionate understanding of the Thoughtisphere, your thoughts, and thinking.  By using your heart your thoughts are guided through Heart Intelligence.

To help you accomplish this, DRA® teaches you to take a Heartbreath when you breathe.  Using a breath that comes from the place of the heart vs. head makes you feel more heart-connected and heart-minded.